Monday, November 15, 2010

Classes for Busy Parents

Join Chef and Nutritionist Katie Reineberg this Wednesday for a class all about QUICK, EASY, and AFFORDABLE meals for your family!

7-9pm; $59

In this class we're creating a delicious meal that's easy on the wallet and big on flavor! In addition to creating a complete three-course family dinner, Chef Katie will share her tips for making tasty low-budget recipes, plus, the cost-friendly ingredients you should stock up on for quick and easy weeknight dinners.


Herbed Meatloaf with Sweet Tomato Chutney

Potato Apple Gratin

Healthified Double Chocolate Brownie Bites

"We will cover tips and tricks for stocking your pantry with quick and easy weeknight dinner staples - a MUST for busy families! We'll also cover proper knife skills, which makes cooking any meal more efficient, plus learn techniques like meat and vegetable cookery, sauce making, baking, and ways to lighten up classic comfort food dishes!"

"The apple-potato gratin is the perfect seasonal side dish to have on hand for holiday entertaining AND weeknight family dinners."

"Meatloaf is an easy and inexpensive way to feed a hungry crowd; can also make individual loaves and freeze for later quick and easy heat-up dinners; hiding vegetables for picky eaters in the meatloaf mix; tomato chutney puts a gourmet twist on the classic sweet ketchup topping."

"The brownie bites make a great snack as well as a dessert - something chocolate you can feel good about eating!"

Add more quick dishes to your weeknight repertoire in next month's QUICK & HEALTHY WEEKNIGHT MEALS class on Dec. 8.

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