Monday, October 11, 2010

Learn classic French technique!

Let our professional chef school you in classical cooking techniques in our French cooking workshops.

The methods and techniques you'll learn in these classes will provide a solid foundation of culinary knowledge, and practical applications will open a new world of possibilities in your kitchen!

If you're in a recipe rut, a skills rut, or even just a life rut, this series is sure to spark a new passion for food and culture that will whet your appetite for richer, more delicious life. You may not be the next Juila Child (or maybe you are!), but you'll walk away from this series with a greater appreciation for French food and wine, and the know-how to whip up a fantastic French feast at home!

A former French workshop student was featured in this MSNBC article.

All classes 7-9pm, $65 per person

Classic Sauces
Monday, Oct. 11

Classic Soups
Monday, Oct. 18

Seafood Fabrication & Preparation
Monday, Oct. 25

Meat Fabrication & Preparation
Monday, Nov. 1

Desserts & Baking
Monday, Nov. 8

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