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Corporate Events at Cookology

Get Your Team Cooking at Cookology!

After 20 years in the corporate world, we've sat through our fair share of boring or downright silly team events. Our unique, interactive team building sessions are like nothing you've ever experienced! Whether you're looking to build an effective, focused work team, boost morale, or just let loose for some fun in the kitchen, Cookology has the program for you!
BOOK BY NOV. 30 for all parties scheduled through JANUARY 2010 and you'll receive one hour of OPEN WINE BAR!

Not sure what to expect from a culinary team building? Read about some of our clients' experiences:

A CASE STUDY - Natek (Sterling, VA)

Ready, Set, Cook!

When Natek came to us looking for a solution that would bring their sales staff and their best clients closer, we split them into two groups, then gave them a basket of food, basic pantry items, a professional chef and 90 minutes to transform three "mystery" ingredients into a gourmet meal!

The staff got to work right away on the Mystery Basket Challenge. The teams quickly delegated tasks, and divided their staff into groups to prepare each course. Not only did they learn how to make three great new courses, they also learned about each other: their cultures, upbringing, eating and cooking habits, likes and dislikes of textures and flavors, attitudes towards cooking, even their favorite restaurants and kinds of wine.

Teams showed a sense of pride as they described their dish to our judges and their fellow competitors. One person explained that their Indian heritage was the inspiration for the rice dish created with cinnamon and cardamom, as well as the orange glazed beef and asparagus with goat cheese. On the other team two coworkers realized they had both traveled extensively through France over the last year, which inspired them to make beef bourguignon and a dessert stacked with soaked lady fingers, whipped cream, strawberries and kiwi.

The cost of this experience was $79 per person and included food, instruction and a glass of wine.

A CASE STUDY - UNISYS (Nationwide)

Dinner Impossible?

Another team, Unisys, came to us with a dilemma. The project coordinator explained that they had ten, six-person groups coming from all over the US for a bi-annual company meeting. However, getting those teams to make a connection outside of their groups is a challenge that they've rarely been able to overcome. And, she added, not everyone wants to learn how to cook. What to do?

We met the challenge head on. First we divided the teams into three groups: one group of 36 people would participate in a food and wine pairing dinner hosted by Sommelier Mary Watson. They would not cook, they would just enjoy three courses and three wines. The other two groups of twelve were divided and placed in our two kitchens. They took a knife skills primer class, prepped and cooked three menu items, then enjoyed wine and a discussion on food and wine pairing with Mary Watson. The faces in the photo say it all: everyone had an awesome experience.

The cost for the session was $105 per person and included pre-party appetizers for the group, instruction for both the wine tasting and cooking class, and three glasses of wine per person.

Which program is right for your team?

We offer several different team building options to meet your needs.

Check out a few of the ways you and your team can get cooking at Cookology, then e-mail us to schedule your event!

Team Building with Dr. Mayer
What do a saute pan, a professional chef and an oven have to do with team building? Well add to that a Harvard PhD with more than 15 years of professional team building experience and you have a unique, fun way to strengthen team dynamics.
Can't make it to our kitchen? We can come to you! On-site team building options available for companies in the DC Metro area.

Team Bonding
These events are a chance for you and your team to let loose and have a little fun. Our trained chefs will walk you through the creation of a delicious menu paired with wine for a relaxing event.

Mystery Basket Team Bonding
Mystery Basket team bonding is a way for your team to engage in some delicious competition! In this Iron Chef-style challenge each team is given a basket of ingredients chosen by our chefs. Using creativity and communication the teams must then prepare two dishes to be judged by our chefs! A unique and exciting event.

Baking and Bonding
Spend two hours with award winning pastry chef Brad Spates! You will create pastries, tarts, cakes, cupcakes or cookies in this delicious class. The perfect sweet escape from the office.

Add a Sommelier!
Mary Watson is our 22-time Wine Spectator Award winning sommelier! She adds fun and depth to any cooking class or dinner. She will expertly pair wines with each course you choose, as well engage your employees in a session on what to look for in a wine, how to taste and how to select wines.

Wine and Food Pairing Dinners
Let award winning sommelier Mary Watson and CIA trained professional executive chef Ian Douglass take you on a culinary adventure! A typical wine dinner begins with a glass of champagne to welcome you to Cookology. After you're comfortably seated, Mary Watson will educate and entertain as you taste and learn about the night's wine selections. Then sit back, relax and enjoy four courses of decadent and delicious gourmet fare with outstanding wines to match!

BOOK BY NOV. 30 for all parties scheduled through JANUARY 2010 and you'll receive one hour of OPEN WINE BAR!

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