Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chantal Cookware at Cookology

In addition to our cooking classes, we also sell top of the line cookware!

The Chantal Copper Fusion line is one of our favorites, for several reasons.

1. It is one of the healthiest cookware lines on the market thanks to its enamel cooking surface. When cooking on enamel you can be assured that no chemicals are being released into your food (as they are with nonstick coatings that contains PTFEs and PFOAs).

2. The cookware is manufactured in Germany, and has a durable and versatile non-reactive enamel surface. Unlike aluminum or stainless steel, there is no metal transfer so you can cook, store and serve in one pan (this means being able to go from the fridge to the oven or stove to the table). This inner enamel is highly stick resistant. You will still need to use butter or oil to prevent sticking, but you can be assured that the enamel cooking surface is much more stick resistant than a traditional Stainless Steel cooking surface.

3. The core is copper, the best conductor of heat, and is fused between 2 layers of carbon steel. The copper heats the pan quickly while the carbon steel holds the heat well. As a result the pan is perfect for searing and creating that perfect “display” side to any piece of meat. And don't worry, it has stay cool handles that are made of durable stainless and easy to hold. The larger pieces have a helper handle.

4. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... the pans are dishwasher safe!

Check out this video of Tre Wilcox, Season 3 Top Chef contestant, cooking with Chantal and sharing his own tips and tricks!

Spring Retail Sale coming soon!

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