Thursday, January 7, 2010

JUST ANNOUNCED! Two exceptional experiences for foodies

Don't miss these great new classes!
Limited seats available.

Saturday, January 30; 6:30-9pm

Join us in the kitchen for a special Chef's Table dinner with Chef Ian Douglass and dessert by Pastry Chef Brad Spates.

Your multi-course meal will be chosen on the day of the event using the freshest local, organic or sustainable ingredients like: parsnips, bok choy, persimmon, blue fish, lamb. Pastry chef Brad will create your decadent dessert.

Each stunning course will be paired with a wine chosen by the chef.

If you've ever taken a class with our chefs and imagined what a true sit down dinner would be like, now is your chance to just relax and enjoy.

During the tasting you'll EXPERIENCE the food as he prepares it, have the opportunity to ask the chef questions while you dine, plus learn about precise, impressive culinary techniques. We guarantee this meal of careful preparation and beautiful presentation will be truly one-of-a-kind!

Begins Thursday, Feb. 18; 7-9pm

Take a gastronomic tour of Asia!

In this special six-class series you'll explore the fascinating world of Asian cuisine. During each session professional Chef Ian Douglass will instruct you in the techniques and tastes from five distinct regions: Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea.

Each class will start with a discussion of each region's history and culture, then you'll get hands-on on creating authentic, delicious dishes:

Week One
Introduction to Asian Cuisine, Knife Skills, Sanitation, Sushi Workshop

Week Two
Japanese Cuisine: Miso Soup, Dashi, Tempura, and Teriyaki

Week Three
Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan style dish, Cantonese style dish, Hunan style dish

Week Four
Thai Cuisine: Coconut Milk soups, Pad Thai, and Thai Curry

Week Five
Vietnamese Cuisine: Spring Rolls and Dipping Sauces, Pho, and Bahn Mi

Week Six
Korean Cuisine: Bulgogi, Kimchi Noodles, and Biibim Bop

Don't miss this opportunity to experience some of the world's most exotic cuisines! You'll learn what each have in common, and how each have their own distinct style.

Discover new flavor profiles, impressive culinary techniques, traditional Eastern dining traditions, and modern adaptations of Asian classics -- all in this exceptional series!

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