Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Cooking Challenge

My aunt, Margot Kopsidas Siegel has not only written a cookbook on Greek cooking (and currently writing a book on etiquette), but her son Christopher Phillips is a pastry chef in the White House. This is more than just name dropping, they're really great at what they do, which is cook and bake (and offer insight to the usefulness of the small spoon with two tongs). Most importantly, these are two more family members whose love of food and passion for cooking has always left me wondering if somehow the cooking gene skipped me completely. My husband will tell you I'm wrong, that I'm a good cook (which coming from a French-National is a huge compliment) but Jean-Pascal has the same fervor for Domino's Pizza.

So, to sharpen my skills I've decided I am going to work my way through my grandmother's Greek recipes, sharing them along the way and letting you know the outcome (and the secrets). I'll start with Avgolemino soup this weekend (see the stock tips in the previous post) and move on to Baklava, which I'll give to a Greek friend who just received his US Citizenship. I want to bring tears to his eyes. Make him think of the old country. Or not. We'll see.

Wish me luck. 

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